20TH IST Presentation Downloads



20 Years of IST: A Window on Thrombosis Innovation

Venous thromboembolism - M Levine, Canada Download >>
Coronary artery disease - JP Bassand, France Download >>
Thromboembolic stroke - D Atar, Norway Download >>

Plenary Session I: Thromboembolic Stroke

Assessing stroke and bleeding risk: How can we do better?
- S Goto, Japan
Download >>
The challenge and opportunities for stroke prevention in AF
- AJ Camm, UK
Download >>



Meet the Expert Sessions

Optimising CV risk in hospitalized patients - J Mega, USA Download >>
NOACs and contemporary cardiology practice - KAA Fox, UK Download >>
Post-thrombotic syndrome - P Prandoni, Italy Download >>


Plenary Session II: Arterial Thrombosis

Pathogenesis of atherosclerosis – Where might therapy be going
- KAA Fox
Download >>


Workshop: Cancer

Predicting risk for VTE in cancer - A Falanga, Italy Download >>


Workshop: Medical Patients

Biomarkers to predict risk - S Goldhaber Download >>


Workshop: Atrial Fibrillation

Secondary prevention of stroke - D Atar Download >>
What the registries are telling us - S Goto Download >>


Plenary Session III: Cancer-associated Thrombosis

Prevention of cancer-associated thrombosis – Where are we today?
- M Levine
Download >>
Treatment of VTE in cancer patients - P Prandoni Download >>
Is there a biological rationale for anticoagulation in cancer therapy?
- Lord Kakker
Download >>


Plenary Session IV: Venous Thromboembolism

VTE treatment: The options in 2013 - S Haas Download >>
Secondary prevention: Who, how long, with what? - G Agnelli, Italy Download >>

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